• Baby diapers

    Baby diapers

    We care about your baby as you do. We offer hot melt adhesives for baby diapers, Pull-Ups, the disposable products. In addition, we satisfy all the production requirements of hygiene products with our professional R&D team and our production simulation lab, which can simulate customers’ application and test process. Construction adhesives, elastic adhesives, core adhesives, side tape adhesives are the products that can be used on baby diaper bonding.

  • Sanitary Adhesives

    Sanitary Adhesives

    Comfortability is the most important factor for feminine sanitary products. Beside the traditional PE film, non- woven fabric, there are still a lot of developments and applications of many innovative substrates. Therefore, napkins need to be effectively fixed on underwear without migrating, without residuals. Moreover, nice bonding strength and comfortability are also musts. This makes glue selection very important. We offer you good bonding agents that effectively bond different types of substrates.

  • Adult Incontinence

    Adult Incontinence

    Both adults and babies need comfortable product for long-hours uses. Adults generate more quantity of urines than babies. Therefore, Selection of diapers, incontinence pads, nursing pads need to satisfy the demands of comfortability without allergy reaction under long-hours activities. We offer the whole series of disposable adult incontinence application, which can meet the requirements of all kinds of productions.

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