Air Filter Adhesives

Air Filter Adhesives

Fast setting time, outstanding bonding strength, and good operability, suitability for fast production, are the properties that belong to hot melt adhesives, which is the best selection for air filter productions. Hot melt adhesives assist filter shaping, and can be applied on filter pleating, filter, assembly, cap fixing and bonding, hollow fiber stuffing, bonding two sides of filtration media.

S.W.® tailors suitable hot melt adhesives for filters on the basis of production speeds, pleat numbers, and filtration media, in the applications of filter pleating, frame, Auto AC side glue, etc. 

The manufacturing of pleated filters requires the assembly of a variety of materials, like papers, fleece of all kinds. S.W.™ High-performance Hot Melt ensure filter components are protected against potential damages from rust, pollen, dust, abrasion.

Product Description 

ApplicationFilter hot melt adhesive 
AppearanceGranular | Clear White
Operation temperature160-180ºC 
Viscosity3000±300 cps/170ºC

Product Features
Safer - Non-toxic, RoHS/EU standard for toxicity, and health.
Economical - Less glue usage, lower add-on/ use cost
Stable - Low charring, stringing and odor
Flexible - Solution for most diverse application conditions, difficult-to-bond substrates.

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