Baby diapers

Baby diapers

We care about your baby as you do. We offer hot melt adhesives for baby diapers, Pull-Ups, the disposable products. In addition, we satisfy all the production requirements of hygiene products with our professional R&D team and our production simulation lab, which can simulate customers’ application and test process. Construction adhesives, elastic adhesives, core adhesives, side tape adhesives are the products that can be used on baby diaper bonding.

Construction Glues
For construction applications, light color and low odor, better glue mileages.
Good bonding strength and wide applications.
Low odor, low VOC, better anti- aging performance.
Excellent bonding strength, highly permeable, and no crepe.

Elastic Glues
For elastic waist and leg banding. Anti-crepe, low shrinkage rate.

Wetting Glues
For core bonding. Great wetting performance, which is in favor of construction.
Light color, low odor, highly permeable, and no crepe. Enhance core layer stability, operate-able under low temperature.

Side Tape Glues
Long open time, light color, and low odor.
Works on different substrates, good elongation, bonding strength is still maintained after being sealed for many times.

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