Label Adhesive

Label Adhesive

S.W.® hot melt adhesive has redefined label industry and offers the complete series of HMPSA, WBPSA, and UVPSA.
The printing techniques have been more and more diversified in the past few years. Those applications have brought big challenges to tape glue techniques. We offer innovative solutions for labels, including commercial packaging label, courier label, cold resistant label, tire label, difficult substrate label, RFID label.

General Label Glues

Good bonding on each substrate. Die cutting friendly, which maintains bonding strength for long time , easily torn, automated operation friendly, workable under different environments and temperatures.

Courier Label
Workable to different printing materials. Those materials are characterized by strong, good adaptability, multi functions. Requires good bonding on difficult substrates, such as , PE/OPP/PP.

RFID Glues
Applied on inventory and logistics management, flight checked luggage identification, anti-burglary system in libraries and book stores, various kinds of ticket bonding.

Transparent Film Label Glues
Good bonding on film materials, such as, PET, PVC, and offer highly transparent appearances on products. Suitable for bonding surfaces of glass and metal made objects.

Tire Label Glues
Offer clear, identifiable and smooth surface tire label glue that can tolerate long storage time and different transportation conditions without losing bonding strengths and chemical properties of label glues.

Low -Temp Resistant Label Glues

Good bonding on frozen, refrigerated foods, courier sheets, medications, chemical products, labels transported across high latitude areas, and water resistant boxes/ cartons.

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