Sanitary Adhesives

Sanitary Adhesives

Comfortability is the most important factor for feminine sanitary products. Beside the traditional PE film, non- woven fabric, there are still a lot of developments and applications of many innovative substrates. Therefore, napkins need to be effectively fixed on underwear without migrating, without residuals. Moreover, nice bonding strength and comfortability are also musts. This makes glue selection very important. We offer you good bonding agents that effectively bond different types of substrates.

Construction Glues
For construction applications, light color and low odor, better glue mileages.
Good bonding strength and wide applications.
Low odor, low VOC, better anti- aging performance.
Excellent bonding strength, highly permeable, and no crepe.

Positioning Glues
With moderate peel strength on cotton, keep napkin from migrating while being used.
Good anti-transfer property, strong cohesion.

Sealing Glues
With moderate PE bonding strength, packaging film can’t be torn when it is peeled, stable peel strength.
Spraying glues under low temperature, packaging film protection friendly.

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