Tape Adhesive

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Tape Adhesive

S.W.® offers total solutions for tape industry through innovation and performance improvement. Those solutions apply on tamper proof courier tape, masking tape, single/double side tape, gummed kraft paper, duct tape, fiber glass tape, and dust removal tape.

Tamper Proof Courier Bag Glues
Offer various glues for courier bags to different customers. Our glues have material failures with operations under both high and low temperatures.

Single/Double Sided Tape Glues
Excellent bonding on the substrates, cotton, PET, and PVC. Widely applied to courier bag, printing industry, stationery, auto fleece tape, floor marking, pipeline wrapping.

Duct Tape Glues
Excellent bonding insulation ducpt tape made up of thermal compound of polyethylene &gauze fiber, is normally applied to carton sealing, carpet veneering, heavy duty bundling, water proof packaging, and flue pipe seaming of AC.

Glass Fiber Tape Glues

Glass fiber tape made up of high tensile strength glass fiber materials, is characterized by stab resistance and tear resistance. This is applied on metal materials winding, tubular bundling, car painting, bonding of electronic cooling device.

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