EVA Hot Melt Adhesive

There are two main types of industrial hot melt adhesives: ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA) and polyolefin, or metallocene. EVA is a copolymer adhesive, most commonly used in the paper, packaging, and assembly industries, as they bond to a variety of cellulosic materials and have a wide range of formulation. The composition of the adhesive will directly influence its properties. Because they can be specifically formulated for various applications, there are several kinds available on the market.

  • 0512-2023


    Edge banding hot melt adhesive is a specialized type of thermoplastic adhesive specifically formulated for the edge banding process in woodworking and furniture making. This adhesive is designed to bond edge bands - thin strips of material such as PVC, ABS, melamine, or wood veneer - to the edges of particleboard, MDF, or other similar materials. Edge banding adhesives provide a strong, durable bond that is essential for a seamless and aesthetically pleasing finish on furniture and cabinetry. They offer excellent adhesion, fast setting times, and are capable of withstanding the rigors of daily use. These adhesives are typically applied using an automated edge banding machine, ensuring consistent and efficient bonding. Their performance is crucial in ensuring the edges are securely attached, preventing peeling or detachment over time, and maintaining the integrity and appearance of the finished product.

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