Solvent Based Adhesives

  • Solvent Based Adhesives
  • Solvent Based Adhesives
  • Solvent Based Adhesives
Solvent Based Adhesives
  • 10-15 days upon order confirmed
  • Annual output of 50, 000 tons of EVA, PUR, PVAc, PSA adhesives

Solvent-based adhesives are dispersed in an organic solvent. When the solvent evaporates, the adhesive changes from liquid to its final solid form. Solvent-based adhesive ensures that the binding agents stays liquid and can therefore be processed.

S.W.® low VOC solvent-based adhesive is formulated to reduce flammability of the adhesive and the amount of volatile organic compounds (often also called VOC) released into the environment. Our product portfolio provides a wide range of adhesives from general-purpose applications to special formulations.

Product Category:Solvent-Based Adhesive
Polymer Basis:CR/ SC/ PU Adhesives

Furniture/ Woodworking, Upholstery, Mattress & sofa, etc. 

Product Features:

Good bonding strength, initial tack, holding power, and

lower add-on/ user cost, easy processing

Color Availability:Yellowish

Solution for most diverse application conditions,

difficult-to-bond substrates.

Packaging: 13 KGS/ Bucket


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