• Corrugated Boxes

    Corrugated Boxes

    Powerful and innovative adhesives from S.W. Adhesive excel in every part of the chain in the packaging industry, meeting the stringent requirements with regards to total add-on cost, food safety, and superior finishing.

  • Color Boxes

    Color Boxes

    Color box for packaging, laminated color box with PE, OPP, wax and UV varnish are challenging substrates for gluing. S.W.® hot melt and water-based adhesive can meet the specific demands of the customers. The bonding strength of S.W.® hot melt adhesive for laminated color boxes could be customized to cope with different levels of bonding difficulty packaging materials, packaging papers, or plastic materials, such as, PE coating, OPP coating, PP board, PE foam, UV matting agent coating. Also, we has developed the glues with temperature tolerances that ranges from -40~70℃, which satisfies the demands of color box storage under extreme temperature.

  • Beverage Bottle Labels

    Beverage Bottle Labels

    Our products work well on PP and PET plastic materials which brings strong bonding strengths on plastic or metal bottles. S.W.® adhesives can keep the label from migrating, brings our customer more conveniences to their productions, deal with different types of plastic labels, such as , PE coating for water resistance, BOPP, synthetic paper, and on glass bottle directly.

  • Straw Glue

    Straw Glue

    S.W. Adhesive offers suitable hot melt adhesives for straw attachments in consideration of production speed compliance and perfect bonding strength. Our products can work on Tetrapak, SIG Combibloc, and Ecolean, and can work with high-speed production lines that produce 24,000 bottles/ hour. Our adhesives can tolerate low-temperature storages without having straws come off and keep good appearances of finished products. In addition, our adhesives can work under 150℃ without causing wire drawing problems. This better mileage property creates good values and benefits to our customers.

  • Special Packaging

    Special Packaging

    We have several applications in special packaging industries. They are different materials types of gift box assemblies that can work with single type of hot melt adhesive, paper bag handles, heat seal packaging, such as, soap wrappers, PP pet food bags, plastic material packaging, as well as EPE bonding.

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