Special Packaging

Special Packaging

We have several applications in special packaging industries. They are different materials types of gift box assemblies that can work with single type of hot melt adhesive, paper bag handles, heat seal packaging, such as, soap wrappers, PP pet food bags, plastic material packaging, as well as EPE bonding.

Gift Box Assembly

Long open time, offers good bonding to different shapes of products.

Works well on different types of substrates. One type of our adhesive can work on most types of products; also can suit different kinds of equipment and gluing methods. Suitable for different types of gift box, jewelry box, and glass case assemblies.

Paper Bag Handle
Low viscosity, no wire drawing, easy to operate.

There are many kinds of processed paper bags. Glues are mainly applied on assembly of coated layer side and handles. Our glues bring good appearances to paper bags and tolerate loading heavy weight, works well under different temperatures, with different gluing methods, such as spraying, knife coating, and different equipment requirements.

Heat Seal Packaging
Easy to coat, slippery on surface, no blocking, not sticking to one another when winding tapes, suitable for different packaging speeds.

Heat seal packaging works on applications of soap wrappers, PP pet food bags, plastic material packaging, and bands.

EPE Bonding
White, low odor, no surface tack, wide temperature suitability.
EPE, new type of eco-friendly packaging material. Our glue applications with EPE materials can be PE foam bonding, EPE buffer material, EPE board assembly, EPE buffer material assembly, EPE bonding corrugated board. This brings complete protection and buffering on finished products.

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