Polyurethane PUR Hot Melt


What is Polyurethane PUR Hot Melt?

Reactive polyurethane, referred as PUR, is utilized in manufacturing of hot melt adhesive. Due to its superior strength, water and heat resistance, PUR is increasingly popular in variety of applications, specifically edge-banding, profile wrapping and laminaition, in manufacturing of woodworking furnitures. 

Unlike traditional and economical EVA, and Polyolefin (APAO) materials, Polurethane reacts with moisture in the air, gradually forms irreversable bond, in a "cross-linking" chemical process. The bonding continues to strengthen, typically within 48 hours. Once the PUR is completely cured, the bonding is permanet, and would not re-melt in the heat. This irrevesable reaction gurantee its resistance against water and heat. In addtion, PUR requires less glue usage, to achieve good bonding, thus offers good finish with minimal visible glueline.  

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SWA® PUR Serie

We have dedicated to manufacturing of PUR hot melts in the woodworking industry. Our PUR serie is widely used in automated dispensing systems, in applications of edge-banding, profile wrapping and lamination, etc. Our bulk dispensing PUR is available in granule as well in 2KG, 20KG drum size, to adjust different equipment settings and usage amount among clients.  

For more details, you may email us at sales@swadhesive.com or on WhatsApp at +86 13011335502.


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