Hot Melt Adhesives

EVA hot melt adhesive, made from Ethylene-Vinyl Acetate copolymers, is a highly versatile and widely used industrial adhesive. It is known for its strong bonding capabilities, rapid setting time, and ease of application. This adhesive melts at a relatively low temperature, making it safer and more energy-efficient. Once applied, it cools and solidifies quickly, creating a strong bond that is resistant to water and many chemicals. EVA hot melt adhesive is suitable for a variety of applications, including packaging, woodworking, bookbinding, and the assembly of various products. Its flexibility, strength, and fast curing time make it an ideal choice for professional projects.

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    Hot Melt Adhesive

    Hot Melt Adhesive

    - S.W. hot melt adhesives are uniquely designed materials that are ideal for a variety of applications where simplified processing, streamlined manufacturing and/or end-product protection are required.

    - High bond strength, low application costs and processing safety are at the foundation which

    - These are mainly used in markets as diverse as woodworking furniture, packaging, bookbinding, and many more.

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