Side Glues

Side Glues

S.W.® book side glues are characterized by fast setting time, workability for both fast and slow speed machines; superior bonding on books with hard or OPP laminated covers. We offer high viscosity hot melt adhesive products with stable quality to satisfy customers’ demands.

Our bookbinding hot melt adhesive offers many advantages. The lack of water and solvent allows hot melt to attain high bonding strength quickly and produce no pollution. In addition, low melt viscosity and high melt flow index contribute to high bookbinding speed. Moreover, our hot glue is resistant to ink corrosion, high and low temperatures.

  • Good melting properties

  • No stringing

  • Good thermal stability

  • Good wetting properties

  • Fast setting and good flexibility


1. It an be used on high-speed and medium-speed bookbinding flow-line and non flow-line machine.
2. Recommended operation temperature: 150-180°C (Don't exceed 180°C).
3. The supports and edges must be at ambient temperature(which should not be less than 15°C).

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