Spine Glues

Spine Glues

SPINE GLUE needs work on bonding different weights of offset papers, coated art papers, and recycled papers, create superior bonding strengths and perfect bonding quality, even after the books are kept being turned for so many times and being stored in environments with different temperatures.

S.W.® book spine glue, features fast drying, widely used for all kinds of paper substrates adhesion, including the high weight paper, difficult to adhesion paper and many more.

                                             Bookbinding spine hot melt adhesive

For most diverse purpose of printed products on softcover & hardcover with coated/art and offset papers. Good melting properties, tensile strength, heat resistance, and without stringing and odor.

Product Description 

ApplicationBookbinding hot melt adhesive 
AppearanceGranular | Clear White
Operation temperature150-170ºC 
Viscosity5500-8500cps at 160 Degree

Product Features
Safer - Non-toxic, RoHS/EU standard for toxicity, and health.
Economical - Less glue usage, lower add-on/ use cost
Stable - Low charring, stringing and odor
Flexible - Solution for most diverse application conditions, difficult-to-bond substrates.  

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